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Python дѺ٧˹ դö٧١ҧ㹻 1989 Guido van Rossum ҹѲҢִԴѺŵ Ǥöѹ Python 駺к Unix, Linux, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, FreeBSD к MAC OS X, Palm, Nokia Mobile աҧ˹ҵ ѡɳ Open Source ᨡҹ
Python? is a dynamic object-oriented programming language that can be used for many kinds of software development. It offers strong support for integration with other languages and tools, comes with extensive standard libraries, and can be learned in a few days. Many Python programmers report substantial productivity gains and feel the language encourages the development of higher quality, more maintainable code
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News and Events
Python-UK 2004 is taking place April 16-17 in Oxford, in association with the ACCU Spring Conference 2004.
EuroPython 2004 is taking place in G?teborg, Sweden from June 7-9 2004.
PyCon DC 2004 was held March 24-26, 2004 in Washington, D.C. The proceedings are now available.
O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2004 --Python Sessions

Python Tutorials
¹ Python
Python Shell ѹʤԻ .py
÷ͺ Python
õԴ Python
õԴ WMServer 3.3 Ѻ
͵ԴлѺ WMServer Tools (.pdf)
ͧǡѺ Python
ͧǡѺ Web Programming
Python Class Room Mr.P
Python Community
Python User Groups
Python Success Stories
Python Software Foundation

ҹ Python / ԧǡѺ Python
- (CITEC Python)
- ¹ GUI Python
- Python sriya Paireepairit
- Call for Python Community
- Python | Blognone
- Backup Ŵ Python
- ѡѺ Python ѹա
- ¹ 侸͹ ѹա from
- Ը¹ Python Ẻ Object Oriented
- ¹ Python ѹա by NECTEC

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